Work Life Balance for Teachers

Work/Life Balance as an Educator

“You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note.”

Doug Floyd

Harmony is beautiful because it includes many notes

Teachers, your day to day life is demanding!  It’s time to take a look at how you can juggle all the balls of home life and school life without having them crash down on you.

But first, let’s establish the “why” – why is having this work/life balance so important?

There are many things that clamor for your attention from the time you get up in the morning to the time you lie down at night. How can you get it all done? This is where the balance is essential. You want to meet the needs of those around you, but need a plan to make it happen so that you down feel the burden.

A sense of harmony is just around the corner, but where do you start?


Make a basic schedule to keep you on track. Of course, each day is different, but a basic plan gives the guideline. Decide how much time the day-to-day tasks require. Be sure and set a regular bedtime.  Setting a bedtime for your own children helps them perform better at school. Likewise, setting a bedtime for yourself will make you more effective throughout your day. Late night grading papers without proper sleep will make you sluggish and unable to effectively meet all the demands coming your way the next day.


Make a basic list outline of what is most important to you. For instance, family, health, classroom, outside meetings, etc. You give so much to your classroom children. Make sure they aren’t getting more of you than your own spouse or family at home. It’s okay to say no to some things; and if you have set the boundaries, you will keep the big picture at the forefront.


You can’t do it all all the time. When you are feeling bogged down, back away from the chaos and look at the objective. You’ll find that there are things you can let go of without compromising the end goal.

Each of your students need you at your best. You wouldn’t think of investing $100,000 or more on building a house without having a plan. But your worth is far greater. Make a plan. This will take some effort in the beginning, but you’ll have a head start at getting to a place of experiencing harmony.

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teacher relaxing outside in the summer time

De-Stress, Teachers

De-Stress, Teachers

Hats off and cheers to teachers!  You did it! If you’re reading this, you survived teaching through a pandemic—uncharted waters. Our appreciation and admiration goes out to you beyond words. All the things you had in place through your education and experience were like a “table cloth trick” yanked away for you to try to keep everything in place on the table with your students learning.  Now another school year is in the books!

If you got used to virtual learning/teaching, not so fast, you will more than likely return to your more familiar in-person teaching if you haven’t already.  Your rhythms and routines have changed back and forth. Like a chameleon, you have adapted and made it work.

Teachers, The old McDonald’s commercial jingle said, “You deserve a break today…” If anyone has deserved it, it is you!

Here are a few tips to put your school year in the past and enjoy a summer of relaxation and de-stressing:

  • Treat yourself –You are a survivor and this is an act of self-care.  This may mean going to your local ice cream place and splurging on your favorite sundae or purchasing that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on.
  • Read a good book – Your time off is a great time to enjoy a book by the pool, on a beach, or on a hammock in the backyard.  Your escape to another time or another place through reading distracts you from daily stressors.
  • Exercise – Go to your neighborhood gym to do your favorite work-out or join a session of fun classes.  Keeping your body fit through exercise will release endorphins that improve your physical and emotional being.
  • Get away from the routines and schedules – If your time and resources can’t afford an out-of-town vacation, spend a night away at a hotel or bed and breakfast.  Take a day trip to a great state park or water park.
  • Make memories – Be intentional about going to lunch with friends and about having fun with children and/or grandchildren.  Now is the time, because it slips away so quickly.
  • Revive an old hobby – Creativity through writing helps to manage emotions.  Creativity through drawing and painting expresses emotions.  Music is therapeutic in relaxation.

The pandemic took its toll.  If your emotional health is in serious jeopardy, please seek out a good counselor to work through this.  You are valuable, teacher. Your self-care is important to students and parents alike.  Have a blast during this much needed summer break!

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