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Learning the Students Way: Student-Centric Approach to SEL

Many students struggle to learn effectively with a one-size-fits-all approach to education. It may become difficult for them to fully understand and retain information, causing their performance in school to drop. This struggle can lead to poor student self-esteem, low participation, and a sense of disinterest in learning. Not only is this harmful to the student, but it can affect the classroom environment as well.

Hope Rising takes a better approach: Student-Centric Learning.

To be human is to be uniquely individual. Between personality traits, age, upbringings, and learning style strengths, each student is their own, rapidly growing into an even more unique person.

A key part of engaging in education is understanding how your brain works. How, as an individual, do you approach problem-solving? What kinds of learning come naturally, and what is more difficult? With a deeper understanding of themselves, students can more easily approach their education as a whole.

By learning how they approach problems, they are better equipped to solve them. By knowing their role in a group setting, they are aided in collaborating with others well.

Student-centered learning is very effective, but how can students achieve this kind of awareness?

My Best Me uses Social Emotional Learning in a student-centered way to foster skills to help students effectively and ethically deal with new tasks and challenges. With age and grade-appropriate direction, our curriculum helps teachers talk with their students about how to approach problem-solving, conflict resolution, growth mindsets, goal setting, and more value topics in a way to help students grow.

By approaching these vital skills in an age-appropriate and learner-centered way, students can learn with more confidence, positivity, and success. When students are shown time and time again that they can learn successfully, their curiosity and desire to learn grow.

After being engaged with student-centered learning, you may notice students being more inquisitive and start pursuing learning new things with a sense of excitement and curiosity. Subjects they may have been daunted by before will come alive and become enjoyable to learn.

Student-centered learning isn’t restricted by age or background because of its innate focus on the learner as a person. From PreK through high school, students of all ages can benefit from our curriculum, which teaches the science of Hope and SEL competencies with the student individual in mind.

If you would like more information on our program, please reach out to a member of our sales team.

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