Pathways to Nurturing Hope

Welcome back to our Nurturing Hope blog series, where we dive into each of the 7 steps of nurturing Hope, how it is important, and how it changes students’ lives. Today, we are going to dive into step 3, Establishing Pathways.

What is a Pathway?

Once we help a student set a goal, we establish ways to reach that goal and show them that success is possible and probable! This is a pathway.

“Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today, and that you have the power to make it so.” With a defined goal, the student knows what ‘better’ will look like for them. Next, they need the ‘power to make it so.’ That power comes from pathways.

Importance of Multiple Pathways

You are traveling to a destination, and there is only one road available to get you there. On our journey there, you run into road construction that has completely blocked that road, and you know there are no alternative route to where you are going. That can be frustrating and immensely discouraging. For this same reason, only having one pathway toward a goal for a student can put a lot of pressure on them for that pathway to be a success. If something outside of their control suddenly blocks that pathway, the power to make tomorrow better feels robbed from them. So instead, we establish multiple pathways so the student has the best possible chance for success. If one pathway doesn’t work out, they have others to choose from to help them reach the same goal. 

Letting Students Choose Their Pathways

Multiple pathways also increase the student’s agency, re-establishing how vital they are to their own Hope and progress. We want students to feel that I am the key to making my tomorrow better than today.” Helping students establish multiple pathways gives them choices to pick which one they are most drawn to and most excited about pursuing. Not only does the student have a set goal they are eager to accomplish, but they have a pathway that is exciting for them and plays into what they want, increasing their likelihood of success.

More in the Series

You are reading Part #3 of a 7-Part Series on Nurturing Hope. To catch up, read our first blog in the series, Why Our Definition of Hope Changes Everything and also Nurturing Hope Step 2: Goal Setting. Also, stay tuned for our next blog, we will be diving into the fourth step of Nurturing Hope: Finding Willpower.

Hope Rising SEL’s definition of Hope is making a difference in many schools and communities across the country.

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