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Back to School–Decrease the Stress

For most kids, school has begun, so let’s try to transition out of the lazy days of summer hangover. Here are a few tips:

  • Proper sleep is important for everyone. Set a reasonable bedtime then create an atmosphere of winding down. This will mean cutting out screen use during a specific time before bed. TV, gaming, and IPads are too stimulating for wind-down time. Bedtime stories and reading are great calming activities.
  • Pre-pack both the backpack and the lunchbox. This will ensure that all books, binders, permission slips, and homework get in the backpack. It will also eliminate having to think about lunch during your morning when you’re trying to get everyone out of the house on time.
  • Pre-plan your child’s clothing. Try having outfits (top, bottoms, socks and underwear) already matched and in an individual cubby. You can match everything right out of the laundry to place into the cubbies. This way, your child can have a choice of what to wear, and you can rest in the fact it will match. A great product to achieve this is Whitmore over the door shoe organizer. It has 26 cubbies. You could put pajamas on one side and outfits on the other or 2 children could easily share one with 13 cubbies each.

A good night’s rest and pre-planning the daily routine will set your children up for a productive school day! Less stress equals more success!



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