Child Laughing

Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh!


Laughter releases outwardly the expression of your soul, lifts your spirit, and gives life and healing energy to your body. The Bible says in Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”

What makes you laugh? Is it the giggle of a small child? The punch line of a good joke? A dry sense of humor? Maybe even laughing at yourself or everyday life mishaps?

Did you ever stop to consider what happens when you laugh? Stress hormones decrease; immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies increase improving resistance to disease. It truly is good medicine.

Laughter is like an electric current that runs through our nervous system. It creates great physical responses. Both hemispheres of the brain are activated–the left side decodes the words and the more creative right hemisphere understands the humor. Our emotional system then releases endorphins (natural feel-good chemicals) that improve our mood and promote happiness. Our abs and facial muscles can even benefit from a good laugh impacting our health.

Laughter is the social mechanism by which we make friends and connect with others. The next time, you run into an old friend who says “we need to get together”, do it! Send them a couple choices of dates and places then meet—make it happen! You will no doubt laugh together and leave having experienced all these benefits to your body, soul and spirit.


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