Grandparents smiling at grandchild


”Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent.” –Donald A Norberg

I have had the incredible blessing of being a well-loved grandchild, and I have had the pure joy of being a grandmother.  Both bring a smile to my face from ear to ear and memories that no one can take away.  My sisters and I relive times spent on the farm with our grandparents through our conversation almost every time we get together. My grandparents taught us new things, played with us, valued our new songs and skills, and let us do things we weren’t allowed to do at home. What memories do you have?  What lessons and new adventures did you experience with your grandparents? What value to your life do you attribute to that relationship?  Now that I’ve had a few years experiencing being a grandma, I’m trying to carry on the legacy that I so richly received by making the moments count with my grandchildren.  I strive to create those memories they will talk about for years to come.  You can too—make those precious moments count!

Today, we celebrate Grandparents!  If you’re fortunate to have one or more living grandparents, let them know of your love for them in a special way—phone call, note or card, visit, etc. Think of a list of questions to ask to know more about their childhood such as –Who were your friends?; What were the trends in clothes?; Can you tell me about your siblings?  A grandparent loves sharing this information with you and they are thrilled you are interested.  You will, no doubt, hear some funny facts that will teach you another side of that grandparent that you never knew.  If you have faced the loss of your grandparents, take the time today to go down memory lane and share a great memory with a friend.

“Grandparents are warm hugs and sweet memories.  They remember all of your accomplishments and forget all your mistakes.” –Unknown–

We can’t underestimate the value our grandparents bring to our lives.  Celebrate them!

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