When the pandemic started in 2020 school had to make a BIG shift and educators had to adapt in order to keep students on track. School moved to online classes and digital material helped make this transition easier. 

Though digital material has its place in education it also has its limitations. These limitations were made very clear throughout the pandemic as students went to school remotely. Students became more isolated, some children fell behind in academics and overall mental health took a plunge. Proving the point that people crave and desire connection with others and that although digital advances and interaction have their benefits they also have their limitations.  

Now that children are back in school some of the digital tools educators have been using have stayed and school districts have had to decide if they should continue investing in digital tools, print material, or a combination of both. 

Print vs Digital curriculum

Print matters – studies have shown that print is the most effective way for students to learn and retain the material. People tend to put more effort when reading print rather than digital text and less time skimming through the material.

Especially in the subject of social-emotional learning where we emphasize human-to-human interaction, a healthy balance between life skills, emotional skills, and a growth mindset. A printed curriculum can provide more opportunities for connection and discussion with fewer distractions.

A survey done by The Bay View Analytics showed that 61% of teachers prefer using printed materials rather than digital and 59% of students said they feel they retain more when the material is in print. 

Using Digital to Enhance SEL:

  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Easier progress tracking
  • Multimedia input – information is reinforced when text and video/pictures are presented together

What is a good balance between digital text and printed text?igital

“My Best Me” has written the curriculum with these thoughts in mind. We understand the importance of printed materials and continue to create digital material to enhance the learning experience and discussion.

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